Who is Paradox, and what do we expect from our players?

Paradox was established on the 13th of November 2014 on Excalibur Server and, considering our small time together, we are very proud of our free company's progression. We are a hardcore progressive free company whose main focus is on helping their members through content. We are also looking towards recruiting for a social background so that we have a more active environment between raids, statics and events. Come 3.0, we expect all our statics to be on the forefront of hardcore progression.

We expect a high quality of commitment from our players. Although we do not expect our members to be on 24/7, we do expect our members to not only help one another within the free company but to also help progress the free company in any way possible (be through chocobo leveling, tending the garden, recruitment etc).

Being a medium hardcore progressive Free Company, we do try to rotate players to help them get loot, as well as to clear to previous content that our members may be behind on. This being said, we do expect our members to take the initiative to research content they may not have cleared, as well as to try and attempt content without the Free Company.

What is our main time zone?

Paradox was established as a GMT orientated free company. This being said, through high interest from the NA community, we are in the process of building a NA member base along side our EU one. As such, we are looking for players available at all time zones, and will not limit applications unless otherwise stated.

What do we expect from our static applicants?

  • All applicants must be fluent in English
  • All applicants must have T9+ cleared (unless otherwise stated).
  • Main job must be iLVL114+
  • Experience in your current turn is not necessary, but must have knowledge of all mechanics; aka watch a video

Current Recruitment:

Social- We are currently accepting all jobs for our social player base.

[EU static 1] We are currently accepting the following jobs for this static for FcoB and beyond;
Static does not require T9 cleared, but the member has to least know the fight past Heavensfall.
Number of Days: At least 3/4 days. Time: 7PM to 11PM GMT.

Paladin: Open
Warrior: Closed
White Mage: Open
Scholar: Open
Dragoon: Open
Monk: Open
Ninja: Open
Bard: Open
Summoner: Open
Black Mage: Open

[NA static 1] We are currently accepting the following jobs for this static for T9 progress and above;

Paladin: Closed
Warrior: Open
White Mage: Closed
Scholar: Open
Dragoon: Open
Monk: Open
Ninja: Closed
Bard: Open
Summoner: Open
Black Mage: Open

Things you should consider before applying;

  • As much as we like to have fun, we are a serious free company and as such will only accept applications in the like. This considered, the application is the first impression the free company will get of you- make it count!
  • A social application is accepted as soon as an officer is available. Although we don't require any HC experience from our social members, we will only retain social members if they fit with the free company. This is to avoid any unwanted drama.
  • If you are an applicant from another server, we will tell you in the messages whether or not your application is accepted. This being said we will not officially accept the application until the server transfer is complete.
  • All static successful applicants are entered into an automatic 2 week trial- this time may vary based solely on the decision of your raid leader.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.